8-year-old boy needs surgery after being bitten by dog

GLADSTONE, Ore. -- An 8-year-old boy is on the mend after spending the last two days in the hospital due to a nasty dog bite.

Vince Galardi was trying to get on his bike in the parking lot of a Gladstone church when a dog -- a Labrador-Chow mix -- went after him and bit him in the calf. Galardi needed a few stitches and surgery because of the bite.

Tyler Good said he and some other kids scattered when they saw two dogs coming their way. One kid even jumped into a boat. Good came running back when he saw the dog on Galardi.

"I was yelling, 'Vince, get over here. Vince. Vince,'" Good said. "I ran over to him and took him home to that house over there -- his house. It happened super fast. Like in a minute-and-a-half tops."

The caretaker of the church owns the dogs and neighbors said the other dog has bitten people before. There is some question about how the dog got out because the kennel seems to be in good shape. Witnesses said the owner told police that the kids let the dogs out. That's in stark contrast to what the kids say because they said the Lab-Chow mix is so mean that there's no way they would ever let him out.

The dog is now in the custody of animal control officials.

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