A Dying Wish: Couple to get wedding of their dreams

Corri Conner and Steven Venturini. (Contributed Photo)

The connection was instant.

“We met at a park and we had all of our kids and it was just magical,” Corri Conner said.

Conner and Steven Venturini merged their families just months after meeting.

“He's an amazing friend; he’s an all-around kind, genuine person,” Conner said.

The two planned to be married, but in August, those dreams came to a halt.

“Over the summer he had a lump under his arm that he just thought would go away. But it became increasingly larger,” Conner said.

After going to the doctor, Venturini learned he had stage-three melanoma and doctors wanted to do a full body scan to make sure it hadn't spread.

“Everything changed after his body scan. We learned it was in his bones; it was in his liver,” Conner said.

Treatments and a 15-day hospital stay consumed their holiday season, and just four days before Christmas the prognosis was worse: the cancer had spread to Venturini’s brain.

“It was everywhere. It’s taken over his lungs. The tumors we knew of [in his brain], and they said we are referring you to hospice right now, and it could be any day,” Conner said.

With just days to live, Conner reached out on Facebook for help, looking for cost-effective venues for their wedding. She was determined to make their wedding happen not only for them, but their kids. Especially for daddy’s little girl.

“It was really interesting, because I have never seen my dad like someone this much. Our families combined are a really good family,” Venturini’s daughter, Kaelynne, said.

Instead of just advice, the community responded in a major way. Donating everything for Conner and Venturini to have the wedding of their dreams.

“This is a really terrible situation, and this is the first time in a long time something beautiful has been in our world, and it’s incredible,” Conner said.

It took all of the stress off of Conner's shoulders, allowing her to spend every final moment with Venturini and their family.

“I just want to wake up tomorrow with him here, and tomorrow I want to be able to know I’ll wake up the next day with him here,” Conner said.

Venturini and Conner are set to be married Sunday. Conner says if Venturini starts to decline, they have a minister on stand-by to marry them.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with mounting medical costs as well as helping Corri to raise their five children.

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