Accused triple murderer's girlfriend takes the stand: 'I was scared out of my mind'

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The trial for triple murder suspect Brent Luyster continued Thursday, marking a week filled with shocking testimony from key witnesses in the case.

Andrea Sibley, self proclaimed on-again, off-again girlfriend of Luyster, took the stand Wednesday to sharing her memories after the deadly shooting on July 15, 2016.

Luyster is accused of shooting and killing Joseph LaMar, Zachary Thompson and Janell Knight. He is also accused of seriously wounding Breanne Leigh when he shot her in the face.

“I heard the guys talking to the left of my car…then I heard gunshots,” Sibley testified.

According to Sibley, she arrived at LaMar's home in Woodland, Wash. about 20 minutes before hearing several gunshots.

She says after hearing back-to-back shots, the window of the car she was sitting in broke.

“I was terrified. I looked around to make sure my son was okay, and made sure I was okay,” Sibley said.

A few minutes later Sibley says she heard a few more shots. That’s when she says Luyster and his then 12-year-old son got in her car.

“Before I knew it he was in the car and said ‘Go!'” Sibley said.

In the backseat, she says Brent’s son was shaking and scared, so she followed Luyster's orders and took off.

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Later that evening, she said, Luyster told her that night he’d shot people.

Sibley said the two dropped his son off with family then continued over 100 miles to Ocean Park where they visited Luyster’s uncle for a few hours. Sibley says in the nearly two-hour car ride she never once asked what was happening.

“I was scared out of my mind… I didn’t want to talk to him,” Sibley said.

From there Sibley, Luyster and their baby boy, left the uncles house driving late into the night back to Cowlitz County, where they parked their car and walked to the river.

“At some point you could hear vehicles pulling up then dogs,” Sibley said.

It was then Cowlitz County deputies called for the three to come out.

“[Brent] was scared,” Sibley said, adding that Luyster then yelled to officers, "‘she has nothing to do with this.’"

“He told me to carry my son and yell I was with him to make sure they didn’t shoot me,” Sibley said.

Luyster was taken into custody, Sibley and her son at that point were not under arrest but were escorted back to Clark County.

Later Sibley was arrested and convicted for rendering criminal assistance for her part in taking off that night.

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