ACLU: Spanish student visiting Oregon detained, sent to jail for 48 hours

Christina Alonso (Courtesy ACLU)

A 22-year-old college student from Spain who was set to spend 6 weeks in Oregon spent 48 hours in jail upon landing in Portland, the ACLU says.

Christina Alonso was going to spend time in Corvallis, working on her English and in turn teaching Spanish. She was going to be paid $100 a week for her work, which led to a problem at customs when she landed at Portland International Airport in early July.

Customs agents told her she needed a different visa, and she was denied entry to the US, then sent to a "holding facility" in The Dalles.

In all, Christina spent about 48 hours at Northern Oregon Regional Correction Facility (NORCOR) before being sent back to Spain.

The harrowing story is told by Corvallis resident Laurie Bridges, with whom Christina was going to stay.

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