Addresses of 36 administrators included in recent threat, says Beaverton School District

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Dozens of parents in the Beaverton School District say the district needs to improve communication after receiving six threats this week alone.

Law enforcement is investigating those threats, which investigators believe are a hoax, though Maureen Wheeler, a district spokeswoman, said one that listed the names and addresses of 36 administrators is particularly troubling.

Many parents have said they want to know about incidents as soon as they happen.

But Wheeler said district officials have to make sure they get it right with law enforcement and that, "We are not going to live in fear."

'Affecting the whole district'

On Friday afternoon, Samantha Fregoso watched her 7 and 5-year-old daughters color at the dinner table in their apartment in Beaverton. The first-grader and kindergartner at Sexton Mountain Elementary School last attended class on Tuesday.

"We're all worried about what could happen due to these threats," Fregoso told a KATU reporter. "My head says that it's probably nothing. It's probably a hoax, but you know how many school shootings have happened after there was a threat and nothing was done? I just don't want my kids to be another statistic.”

From Tuesday to Thursday, Wheeler said the district has received six threats that law enforcement officers are investigating. She said the first came Tuesday evening through the district’s Facebook account.

"It threatened violence with a gun where it was not specific to a school or to a building," Wheeler said.

On Wednesday morning staff at Westview High School received a call from someone saying, “You will all die.”

That led to authorities locking out all school buildings district-wide.

"Parents could come and go and pick up their children on Wednesday and that was a precautionary measure," Wheeler explained.

Later Wednesday morning she said another threat was posted to the district’s Facebook page.

"It had a link to an older picture with a link to a firearm," Wheeler said.

But it did not mention a school specifically.

Then at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday another threat came in the form of emails sent to 43 administrators threatening violence against "Beaverton Middle," a school that doesn’t exist.

"It just threatened harm and violence and a firearm in the picture," Wheeler told a KATU reporter.

On Thursday afternoon Wheeler said a threatening email was sent to an administrator with the names and addresses of 36 school administrators. She would not say what it said nor would she say who received it.

“What was a little bit more troubling on this one was it felt more threatening to the individual person," she said.

That day Beaverton police received word of a potentially suspicious package at Beaverton High School, which officers searched for and could not find.

After-school activities at Beaverton High were canceled as a precaution and parents district-wide were emailed about what happened Thursday at around 8 p.m.

Many parents said that's too late.

"Just alert us as they were getting these threats," said Fregoso. "Even if it's affecting, you know, certain schools, it's affecting the whole district."

"We understand parents want more information," said Wheeler. "We're giving them as much information as law enforcement will allow us to release at this point and the investigations are continuing.”

Schools district-wide operated normally Thursday and Friday.

Students can use Safe Oregon to report a possible security issue at any school across the state. Be it a phone call or text message, students can report a threat, bullying or suicidal behavior and get help.

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