Adoptable pets from tornado-torn Alabama communities arrive in Oregon

Dog up for adoption after being transferred from an Alabama shelter - Oregon Humane Society photo.

Dozens of pets displaced by the Alabama tornadoes are up for adoption in the Pacific Northwest, including 47 dogs and cats at the Oregon Humane Society.

Volunteers say 140 animals were flown to the Hillsboro Airport on Sunday.

Oregon Humane officials say they will be adopting out 30 cats and 17 dogs, while the rest of the animals went to other shelters around the region.

The humane societies say these animals were already up for adoption in Alabama, and moving them helps free up space for stray pets that were separated from their families in the storms.

The pets at OHS are already up for adoption if you want to take one home.

You can find your new best friend on their website, or find out how you can donate to the non-profit or learn how to volunteer your time.

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