After backlash, Portland restaurateur apologizes for serving fried chicken on MLK Day

Jenn Louis Facebook post screenshot

A Portland chef and restaurant owner apologized Thursday morning, after announcing her restaurant was serving fried chicken in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Wednesday.

Jenn Louis posted an Instagram photo of the friend chicken special Wednesday that was being served at her restaurant, Ray, on N Williams Avenue.

"One of [Martin Luther King's] favorite foods was fried chicken, We know he would have loved Israeli fried chicken, if he had the chance to try it," Louis wrote in the Instagram post.

After a barrage of social media comments from community members concerned the special was in bad taste, Louis deleted the Instagram post.

She then wrote on her Facebook page Thursday morning offering her "sincerest apologies."

However, comments are still rolling in.

"Next time you want to honor a Leader of Color like MLK, please think of the historical background of the black community on N Williams. Please think of the trauma that stems down from black people being stereotyped for things like fried chicken. You’re a restaurant owner with a large platform in a white city. Please take a seat and listen to folks who have lived experiences of racism and trauma instead of arguing next time," wrote moniqueasmiley on Instagram.

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