Alarming situation leads Uber driver to act to protect women

Uber driver Kelly Disney picks up three women and a man from a Portland club Friday night, shown here on her on-board camera. (Photo: KATU via Kelly Disney)

An Uber driver says she trusted her gut and got her passengers out of a seemingly unsafe situation.

The ride started out normal. Kelly Disney says she picked up three women and a man from a Portland club Friday night.

During the ride, she said the man started arguing with the women, and became more aggressive. Dashcam video captured Disney's discomfort throughout the roughly half-hour ride to Vancouver.

"Please stop. You're really really really making me uncomfortable; I have to say something," she said in the video.

"He seemed very aggressive, sexually, toward all the girls in the car. He seemed to be lying on top of one girl and then lying on top of another girl in the back seat," she told KATU News.

When they got to their stop, Disney says the man kept trying to get the women to leave with him, but it was clear they didn't want to leave the car.

In the video, Disney asked the women if they were sure they wanted to go with him and assured them she could take them somewhere else.

"You made the decision to go in the car with him and to go to this place, but you don't have to make a decision to go in the house. You owe him nothing," said Disney.

The two women in the back seat agreed to go home, but the man refused to leave until they did.

Disney said she had had enough, and told the man to leave several times. He refused, so she called the police.

The man got out and Disney took the women home, feeling a little bit of relief.

"If I had left it that way. I would've wondered my entire life what happened to those girls, and how bad that situation turned," said Disney.

She made a report to Uber, and now Portland police are investigating the incident.

KATU asked Uber if it provides any training on how to act during these situations.

Andrew Hasbun, an Uber spokesperson, said no; the onus is on the driver to read 'best practices and safety' guidelines the company will often send.

If the driver feels unsafe, he or she needs to end the ride and call the police.

There's a new emergency feature on the app that sends your location to dispatch, which is what Disney said she used.

Both driver and rider have access to it on their app.

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