Alaskan land surveyor shares pictures of crumbling coast

SANDY, Ore. -- Daryl Moistner lives in Sandy, Oregon, but he spends just about as much time working in Alaska as a licensed land surveyor.

He is watching President Barack Obama's visit to the Arctic Circle hoping the president responds to what Moistner says is a rapidly eroding coastline.

"It's an eye-opener to see how fast it goes. There's erosion everywhere. It's just increasing exponentially," Moistner told KATU.

He shared pictures of the coastline near Kotzebue where survey markers from workers in 1978 have disappeared into the water along with hundreds of feet of land.

"This is 300 feet since 1978 that's disappeared," Moistner explained. "We've worked in other areas where I've seen a hundred feet in two months disappear. ... I'm talking about house-size pieces of land and bigger falling into the ocean."

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