Infowars' Alex Jones: "I might even come" to Aug. 4 'Freedom March' in Portland

MGN Photo: Alex Jones / Facebook

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, radio host and owner of the website Infowars said he "might even come" to an August 4 'Freedom March' planned in Portland.

The Vancouver-based Patriot Prayer group created a Facebook event for the rally, but a location for the demonstration has yet to be posted.

The rally is titled the 'Gibson for Senate Freedom March,' as Patriot Prayer lead Joey Gibson is planning to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Washington State.

Gibson spoke on the Alex Jones show recently about a June 30 protest and march in downtown Portland that erupted into violence when two opposing groups — Patriot Prayer and Antifa (antifascists) — clashed in the streets.

On the show, Gibson mentioned the August 4 rally to which Jones said "we're going to send reporters, Hell I might even come."

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