Ammon Bundy's attorney, Marcus Mumford, in custody after standoff trial verdict

Marcus Mumford, Ammon Bundy's lawyer during a press conference outside federal court (KATU News photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Marcus Mumford, the lawyer for Malheur National Wildlife Standoff leader Ammon Bundy, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon shortly after a jury handed down a verdict acquitting the seven standoff members on all counts.

After the jury handed down its decision, Judge Anna Brown allowed all of the refuge occupiers to leave the courtroom except for Ammon and Ryan Bundy. Both men have federal holds for a separate ranching standoff in Nevada that was led by their father Cliven Bundy.

Mumford got into a heated argument that ultimately led to the attorney being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. Our reporters say Mumford started repeatedly yelling to Judge Brown that his client was free to go.

"When you get acquitted, you get released. That's how I understand it," said Mumford.

He said he asked the U.S. Marshals to see their paperwork that gave them authority to keep his client in custody.

Mumford tells KATU News that U.S. Marshals surrounded him and told him that he was resisting arrest. The marshals tackled him and used a stun gun on him several times, Mumford said.

The judge cleared the courtroom after Mumford was tackled.

No word on what charges, if any, Mumford faces.

This is a developing story; updates will be posted as information comes in.

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