Are robots the future of geriatric care?


Robots are everywhere these days, and soon, they could be used as caregivers for the elderly.

Generational awareness expert Jennifer Fitzpatrick said a lot of companies are using robotic technology to see if they can be substitutes for caregivers.

"Maybe the robot would come to you and say, 'Time to take your medicine.' Maybe they even open up a little drawer in the robot and they hand you your medicine," Fitzpatrick said.

People who are now in their 70s and 80s may not be receptive to a robot caregiver, but baby boomers would likely embrace the technology.

Until that day comes, there are numerous technologies to help aging parents get through the day, like the Lively Safety Watch. It's a souped-up, smartphone-linked version of the medical alert button.

"What you can do is you put sensors on the refrigerator. You can put sensors, say, on the bathroom door. You can take a look at how are they doing during the day - are they opening the refrigerator are they preparing meals?"

On a smaller scale, Fitzpatrick recommends getting a Fitbit or the Jawbone Up, and link those accounts.

"If there's a parent or a loved one that you're concerned about well, 'Gosh, maybe they're have trouble getting around the apartment.' Even if you link up your accounts that's kind of a cheaper easier one," she said.

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