Drive-through pot shop opens in Auburn; 1st in Washington

Where you can order pot from your car at Auburn's Joint River pot shop. (KOMO Photo)

AUBURN, Wash. -- There’s now a faster way to buy marijuana and you don’t even have to get out of your car.

Joint River in Auburn is now the first in the state to offer drive-through service.

The marijuana dispensary says it’s setting itself apart from the competition by allowing its customers to keep a lower profile.

“Some cannabis consumers don’t share with everybody that they are, so this offers a whole other level of discretion," said Audria Jaggers, General Manager of Joint Rivers. "They can literally make their order online, come to the drive-through without anybody ever knowing they were on the premises."

Joint Rivers opened its doors in Auburn a month ago just across from the Muckleshoot Casino. Being on tribal land allowed them to operate differently than other dispensaries.

"The way that we exist is the tribe actually applied for this through a compact with the Governor," Jaggers said. "The drive-through window and all of the tenets of our business were approved within that contract."

"I've seen liquor stores that have had drive-through windows. I think it makes it convenient for the consumer,” says Jennifer Aries, General Manager for Dynamic Harvest.

While some people did use the drive-through window, they didn’t want to be shown on camera. Dozens of people still came out to take a look at what Joint Rivers had to offer and to take home a few freebies.

“We’ve got some good swag out here. Seattle Pure Extract SKO, gave us some Skittles, Doctor and Crook Company gave us a T-shirt, a dab mat. I have probably 200 stickers in here,” said Angel Dunagan.

Because of state law, none of the free samples contained any marijuana. Joint Rivers is also planning a grand opening in couple of months.

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