'Bachelor' Ben and West Linn's Lauren B. on PDX wedding: 'We'll have to wait and see!'

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In a whirlwind of interviews Tuesday morning, newly-engaged West Linn native Lauren B. and "Bachelor" Ben told KATU News they're not against planning a wedding in Portland -- or even moving here to raise a family!

Lauren B., a hometown favorite for the Rose City, got the final rose in Monday night's finale of the "Bachelor."

The happy couple has been seeing each other in secret since the engagement, which was filmed back in November.

KATU's Angelica Thornton traveled to New York City to interview the couple Tuesday morning, after they appeared together for the first time on Good Morning America.

Though he told both Jojo and Lauren he loved them, Ben explained how he finally came to a decision.

"No matter what my feelings were, I just couldn't picture my life without [Lauren]," he said.

"I think we've all probably been in love with more than one person, probably separately, so I can't put myself in his shoes totally, but I do understand it to some level," Lauren explained when asked what it was like for her.

So how'd they keep in touch over the past four months once Ben finally put a ring on it?

"We have nicknames in our phones. I'm a panda bear emoji I think in her phone and her name is jungle cat in mine because there was a cat that lived with us in Jamaica," Ben said.

Lauren plans to move to Denver in the next few weeks to move in with Ben.

There, they'll date and start planning the big day. When asked whether they'd consider Portland for a wedding destination, Ben said it's definitely under consideration!

"There's already roses... I'm not against it! We'll have to wait and see," he said.

They say eventually moving to Portland to raise a family is also not off the table; Ben said he's a fan of Oregon's beautiful golf courses.

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