Beaverton family needs help identifying thief who spent thousands at local stores

Identity theft suspect's fake ID and surveillance video from target (Photos courtesy Washington County Sheriff's Office)

A Beaverton woman needs your help identifying a man she says stole her husband’s identity.

The best clues the family has are these surveillance video pictures of the suspect walking out of the Target on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

There’s also a picture of a Mazda CX-5, the car the suspect was driving.

Bethany didn’t want us to use her last name in fear of other information being stolen. She said the man spent $1,500 at Target.

“He purchased an iPad and an Apple Watch and some other stuff,” Bethany said.

The purchase was made on Oct. 30. Bethany said that day, Target called to verify if Bethany’s husband actually opened the account. They said no. That night, Bethany said they froze her husband's credit, but the damage was already done.

At Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot, the thief spent around $5,000, opening a new card at every store except, Bethany thinks, Home Depot.

"And we don't even know what else is out there; these bills just keep coming in the mail," Bethany said.

At many of the stores this thief went to, an I.D. and social security number are needed to open a credit card. Bethany said the social security card was somehow stolen, which is surprising because he keeps his card locked in a safe.

As for the I.D. used, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said he was using a fake. It was finally confiscated at a Walmart in Cornelius. By the time the case got to investigators, the suspect was long gone.

Based on the purchases, deputies think the suspect is a local man, which they said is rare in I.D. theft cases.

But it's that rarity Bethany hopes can play to her advantage.

"Somebody is going to know him,” Bethany said. “We got to get him caught up, so no more bills."

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