Beaverton family robbed after escaping fire; photographer's gear stolen

Shards of glass can be seen after Mitchell and Chelsea Jones' car was broken into. (KATU Photo)

An Oregon family is asking for help after they were robbed just weeks after losing almost everything to a house fire.

Mitchell and Chelsea Jones have been living in a hotel in Beaverton since their house was damaged in a fire two weeks ago.

On Friday morning, they discovered their car had been broken in to while they were asleep. The thieves made off with all of Chelsea's photography gear.

Not only does she use it for her job as a professional photographer, but it also had 6 years’ worth of personal photos.

"After the fire, that was the only place we had photos, so we scrubbed my hard drive of my laptop and put it on some temporary hard drives because we had no way to access those photos anymore," she told KATU.

She said the pictures are on a pair of hard drives and some memory sticks that were in the camera bag.

The family hopes someone will find those items and return them.

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