Beaverton man loses job after racist rant

Still image from video uploaded to Facebook by Susan Khalaf

It all happened so fast Susan Khalaf isn't even sure what she did to set off the man in the red SUV.

"I did something to obviously set him off. As we were driving, he pulled up next me, started flipping the bird and giving nice gestures and then he started yelling out the window," Khalaf said.

So she rolled down her window, where she heard him screaming and at times singing racial slurs.

"Before I was able to catch the first part of what he was saying on camera, I couldn't believe he was saying it, telling me, 'You immigrant, go back to your country,'" Khalaf said.

Khalaf grew up in the U.S., but comes from a Jordanian background and says she's no stranger to racism. This time, it was too far, so she filmed it.

"I just wanted him to see what he looks like and for people to know what kind of a person he was," Khalaf said.

Khalaf hopes this can be a learning lesson.

"I hope that maybe one day he will change his ways. I am sorry that he lost his job, but he will learn from it and move on. I just hope people see how ugly racism is, and to just teach your children peace," Khalaf said.

The man in the video has since lost his job with Wolcott Plumbing of Troutdale, where he has worked since 2012. His employer released this statement:

"First of all, this is a very upsetting situation. Under no circumstances do I personally nor do we as a company condone the use of abusive language of any kind to anyone.

Last night (Jan. 5) I became aware that a video existed, potentially of one of my employees after hours, using racial slurs, while driving in his personal vehicle.

Upon further investigation today, I learned and confirmed it was one of my employees on the video.

This employee was immediately terminated."

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