Beaverton police arrest serial burglary suspect, seek owners of stolen property

The Beaverton Police Department arrested serial burglary suspect Timothy Vandehey on Jan. 14, 2019. They are working to reunite the stolen items they found with their owners. Booking photo and photos of stolen items courtesy Beaverton Police Department

BEAVERTON, Ore. – The Beaverton Police Department arrested a serial burglary suspect and is now trying to find the owners of thousands of dollars-worth of unclaimed stolen property.

Detectives arrested 40-year-old Timothy Vandehey on Jan. 14. They suspect he committed 20 or more burglaries in the Washington County area.

On the day of Vandehey’s arrest, Beaverton police detectives served four search warrants in connection with the investigation and recovered enough stolen property to fill three vans.

The police department has already returned $15,000 in stolen construction materials to companies.

Beaverton Police officer Jeremy Shaw said investigators started tracking Vandehey in October.

"They were receiving reports of burglaries in places that they had seen him," Shaw told KATU. "They put two and two together and figure out it was him."

Shaw says Vandehey targeted storage units, apartment garages, and new construction sites.

Investigators recognized a pattern. They say Vandehey used a special tool to disable garage door locks, which also caused little visible damage.

"If you haven’t been by your storage unit in a while or by their garage in a while," Shaw said, "I would encourage them to do that. If the lock is damaged in away way, call the police."

Court records show he's been booked into the Washington County Jail 12 times since 2004, and another in Multnomah County. He's convicted of one felony and four misdemeanors. Documents say Vandehey also has a history of drug use.

Court records show he had two active arrest warrants at the time of his arrest Jan. 14.

"In Beaverton here, our mantra is 'No call too small,'" Shaw said. "This is just another example, and we’re glad the results came out the way they did."

Police ask the public to check their storage units and apartment garages to see if they are a burglary victim in this case. Victims should call the Beaverton Police Department at (503) 629-0111 if they believe they are burglary victims.

KATU's Chris Liedle dug deeper into Vandehey's criminal past for a report in the 6 p.m. broadcast:

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