Beaverton woman arrested for leaving dog in car in direct sun, deputies say

SILVER FALLS, Ore. - A Beaverton woman was arrested after she left her dog in the car in direct sunlight while she went hiking at Silver Falls on Sunday, Marion County sheriff's deputies said.

Victoria Nguyen, 22, was cited and released for animal neglect II, a class-B misdemeanor.

When deputies arrived on Sunday, they said the dog was unresponsive and panting due to 90 degree heat. They couldn't find its owner, but they were able to unlock the door through a slightly cracked window.

Deputy Corey Larned took the dog to his car, turned on the air conditioner and gave it water. Within a few minutes, it was drinking and back on its feet.

Deputies said Nguyen told them she'd left the dog in the car while she hiked. It sat in the car for about two hours in direct sunlight.

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