Beaverton woman wins $3 million video poker ticket, but will she get the money?

Oregon woman still waiting for $3 million prize (KATU News photo)

A Beaverton woman is $3 million richer - at least that's what her winning video poker lottery ticket says. But the Oregon Lottery has yet to confirm her winnings.

Trisha Whiting was playing video poker at the Greek Village in Beaverton about two weeks ago when she won big.

"It came up big win, then out spit the ticket," said Whiting. "Like three million and something. I was like, 'no way, no way.'"

Whiting's ticket is now with the Oregon Lottery.

"They'd never seen a win like that and they were going to take it to Salem by armored car, and they would let me know," Whiting told KATU.

It's been about two weeks since Trisha Whiting's win, but she still hasn't seen the money.

A Lottery representative told KATU reporter Jackie Labrecque they are still investigating what happened, since video poker payouts max out at ten to $15,000.

If the winning ticket is valid, things will be getting a lot easier for Whiting - a college student buried in loan debt.

"College just got really easy, and um, I'll buy my house, I'll buy a jeep wrangler, and then my husband and I will take a honeymoon," said Whiting.

Trisha Whiting has played her hand, now she's just waiting for the Oregon Lottery to make their next move.

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