Bend-based Cairn delivers the outdoors, one box at a time

The service costs just under thirty dollars a month for boxes that are worth up to fifty dollars. (KATU)

The great outdoors ... delivered.

Cairn -- a Bend-based company -- has combined gift boxes that follows themes and trends in outdoor gear which it delivers to your doorstep via a subscription service.

“For consumers in the outdoors there's always this conversation of what's new, what's innovative?” said Cairn co-founder, Rob Little. “Who's tried what on what adventure? And having someone else support you in that process, select a product, deliver it to your doorstep, seemed like an intriguing model.”

The company not only provides consumers with the latest in outdoor gear, it encourages users to provide reviews of the products back to the manufacturer.

“The first goal is set out what are the themes and ideas we want to come up with,” said co-founder, Jared Peterson. “The second step is to identify a kind of anchor product that carries the weight of the value of the box and then build a cohesive set of products around that one product.”

The company co-founders say many brands struggle to collect feedback from consumers, which they can readily provide.

“We don’t want to send out something we think people are not going to like,” Peterson added. “We’re not trying to liquidate products for brands who are having a hard time selling something.”

The service costs just under $30 a month for boxes that are worth up to $50.

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