'Better Naito' opens on Portland's west side ahead of Eastbank Esplanade closure

Better Naito opens in January - KATU image.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – The "Better Naito" protected bike lane is opening early this year for cyclist and pedestrian travel as Portland Parks and Recreation starts work on the Eastbank Esplanade on February 1.

The Eastbank will close for the next two months. The city's hoping to make up for the expected increase of cyclists and foot traffic on the west side of the river with the “Better Naito” plan.

It is typically needed during the summer due to the festivals, fairs, and concerts that call Tom McCall Waterfront ParkFor drivers, that means you're down to one lane of travel if you're headed northbound on Naito Parkway. A 2016 study by PBOT found car commuters lost about 90 seconds of travel time, in part because of the reduction of one lane of auto traffic.

As for the work on the Eastbank Esplanade, crews will be resurfacing the pavement and cleaning up between the Hawthorne and Steel bridges. It is expected to reopen on April 1.

You'll want to use the Hawthorne or Steel bridges to get to the “Better Naito” detour.

You will not be able to access the Eastbank Esplanade from the Burnside or Morrison bridges.

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