Bowie vs. Prince bike ride ending this year due to stars' deaths

David Bowie (left) and Prince. (AP Photos)

A quirky, uniquely Portland bike ride honoring iconic musicians David Bowie and Prince will end after this year's ride.

"I think this will be the final year for Bowie vs. Prince," said ride founder Lillian Karabaic. "We can use it as an awesome send off to both their lives."

Karabaic organized the Bowie vs. Prince ride in 2008 on a whim. According to her, about 500 people showed up that first year. She estimates there were 900 people for last year's ride.

"It's just a ride where people can dress up as either Bowie or Prince and then ride around Portland, have a good-natured dance party and enjoy themselves," said Karabaic.

The death of David Bowie in January altered Karabaic's plans for this year's ride. Prince's death on Thursday altered them again.

"Me and my co-leader, with Bowie's death this year, were considering making the ride Bowie vs. Bowie," said Karabaic. "We felt like a lot of people wouldn't want to be Prince in light of it. I guess for better or worse, it's now going to be Bowie vs. Prince again."

Karabaic was thinking about ending the annual ride even before the stars' deaths. She's hoping some other event can take its place next year, but thinks it's fitting this year's bike ride will be the last.

"Bowie vs. Prince is going to be a totally different type of ride this year," she said. "It's going to be a memorial ride."

The date for this year's ride hasn't been set. You can check the Bowie vs. Prince website for updated information.

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