Boys and Girls Club of Portland sued for $1M after alleged sexual abuse of young child

A lawsuit filed in court Tuesday alleges a young child was sexually abused by a teenage volunteer from the Boys and Girls Club of Portland: Metropolitan Area.

According to the document, a 13-year-old volunteer known as a "civic leader" within the organization sexually abused one 10-year-old girl and several other children in an after-school program.

The alleged abuse and molestation was caught on surveillance video during the after school program at Russell Elementary School in November 2016.

The suit claims the victim suffered debilitating mental and emotional injury, trauma and psychological damage, and is asking for $1,100,000 in damages.

It also claims the Boys and Girls Club of Portland knew teens who volunteered as civic leaders have abused young children in the after school program in the past, and failed to prevent it from happening again.

The Boys and Girls Club had no comment Wednesday.

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