Broken water main puts dozens of Aloha residents under boil water notice

Stock photo of faucet (KATU News photo)

ALOHA, Ore. – Several families in Aloha may have to boil their water for at least a week after a water main break early Wednesday morning.

About 40 people living near SW 187th Avenue and Rosa Road will have to boil that water before using it. They will be delivering cases of bottled water door-to-door, letting those customers affected by the outage know what is going on.

Tualatin Valley Water District is installing an above ground water service as a temporary fix for the main that broke between 2 and 3 a.m. Wednesday.

District officials said there are corroded pipes that need to be replaced, but they're not sure how many.

“As we went down and put a repair band around that to get it to stop leaking we still heard leaking on that line,” said Jim Meierotto, the district’s Outreach and Engagement Coordinator. “So that made the crew continue to find those next leaks and continue working on it."

The Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec. Department opened up a nearby swim center so people can use shower facilities.

The few customers in the affected area should boil water for drinking, making ice cubes, washing foods, brushing teeth or any other activity that involves consuming water.

The water should reach a full, rolling boil for at least five minutes before it’s safe to consume.

After it’s boiled, residents can store the water at room temperature or refrigerate it until it’s needed.

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