Bump stocks illegal come Tuesday, WSP handing out $150 for each device

Bump stocks illegal come Tuesday, WSP handing out $150 for each

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Now's your last chance to get rid of your bump stocks, before they soon become illegal.

The Washington State Patrol is handing out $150 for each bump stock (up to five) that people can drop off at any of the WSP offices.

Bump stocks replace the standard stock and grip of a semi-automatic gun and allows the gun to fire rapidly, similar to an automatic weapon.

If you do drop off your bump stocks, troopers say they can be commercially or homemade, but you'll only get the $150 for the commercial ones.

As of Sunday morning, local troopers say they collected 19 bump stocks, but statewide they've managed to collect over 500.

March 24 and 25 is the last day to drop them off:

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

District 1 – Tacoma – 2502 112th Street East

District 2 – South Seattle – 15666 International Blvd (detachment office)

District 3 – Yakima – 2715 Rudkin Road

District 4 – Spokane – 6403 W Rowand Rd

District 5 – Vancouver – 11018 NE 51st Circle

District 6 – Ellensburg – 291 S Thorp Hwy (detachment office)

District 7 – Marysville – 2700 116th Street NE

District 8 – Bremerton – 4811 Werner Road

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