Burgerville workers form union, rally for higher wages

Burgerville workers rally for higher wages in Portland on Tuesday. (KATU Photo)

A group of Burgerville workers have formed a union and on Tuesday it held its first rally and march.

After a rally at the Clinton Theater, workers picked up signs and walked down the street to the Burgerville at Southeast 26th and Clinton. That's where they confronted management with their demands.

Workers told KATU the minimum wage they get paid is not a living wage.

"We matter; we work hard; we want respect, and we need a raise," said Claire Flanagan, Burgerville 42 crew member. "Burgerville workers and their families depend on this income, and we're struggling to get by every month."

Flanagan told management the workers wanted a $5 an hour raise.

Burgerville officials at the store declined to comment.

The union is made up of workers from Burgerville locations throughout Portland and Vancouver.

Earlier this year, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill, which was signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown, that increases the state's minimum wage this July from $9.25 an hour to $9.75 an hour. By 2022, the minimum wage in the Portland area will rise to $14.75 an hour.

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