Burglars ransack home, then set it on fire

A family of six came home from a Christmas Eve church service to find their house on fire, and investigators quickly learned it was intentionally set by burglars.

"The firefighter came out and said there was a gas can in the entry way, with its cap off," said Jamon Holmgren, who owns the home on Northeast 119th Street.

Holmgren then reviewed the surveillance video, and it shows an older red sedan pull in to the family's driveway.

In the video you can hear the two arguing and moving back and forth.

Investigators say that after they took thousands of dollars worth of computers and electronics they then went in to the Holmgren's shed, took a half-full gas can, and then lit a fire near the home's front door.

Fortunately all the windows and doors to the home were closed, so there wasn't much oxygen to fuel the fire's growth.

Holmgren says the majority of the damage is from smoke.

A restoration company told him it'll be about six months until his family can return home.

"It's just been overwhelming actually, and so we'll get through it," Holmgren said.

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