Buy your dream kitchen for far less

KENT, Wash. - Dreaming of luxury kitchen with a double oven, wine fridge, and built-in cappuccino maker? The Problem Solvers have found a way for you to have a kitchen fit for the rich and famous at a fraction of the price.

"It's like Christmas," say Debbie Zografos, a homeowner in Kent, Washington, unwrapping boxes that hold previously-used kitchen cabinets and appliances for her upcoming remodel.

Zografos and her husband, Steve, just bought an ultra-luxury, custom kitchen that easily would have cost $80,000 to $100,000, if purchased new. With shipping charges, they only paid $20,000.

An interior designer friend back East tipped them off to a website called Kitchen Trader and it's sister website, Green Demolitions, where you can buy top-of-the-line kitchens that the super wealthy no longer want.

The Connecticut company dismantles, removes, and then re-sells the kitchens to keep the gorgeously-made materials out of landfills.

"A typical luxury kitchen is $100,000 or more," says Steve Feldman, founder of the company. "That kitchen is going to be priced (with us), again based on conditions and style, anywhere from $40,000 down to $10,000."

But Kitchen Trader and Green Demolitions don't just sell kitchens. The websites sell high-end bathrooms, lighting, and interiors; in fact, they'll sell whole rooms.

Keep in mind, once the boxes arrive, you do need to pay a contractor to install or if you have the skills, do it yourself.

In just a few months, the Zografos' small, outdated kitchen will be transformed to a six-burner, double oven, reclaimed masterpiece.

The non-profit arm of Kitchen Trader and Green Demolitions gives luxury donors a hefty tax write-off and then supports selected charities. And they just cooked up a deal with the makers of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances to encourage more luxury kitchen owners to donate, which means even more selection for you.

Even celebrities are joining the movement. Actress Edie Falco donated her pricey kitchen, complete with autograph.

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