California couple finds 'move back' spray painted on recently purchased Portland home

KATU photo from Keaton Thomas

PORTLAND, Ore. – A couple who recently moved to the Portland area woke Sunday to find their home and car spray-painted with graffiti telling them to “move back” to California.

The homeowners moved into Northeast Portland's Rose City Park area back in March.

On Sunday Preston Page and his fiancĂ©e, Jessica Faraday, found their house and car covered in graffiti, and the car was also keyed. The gold paint messages included “CALI - surfs up” and “get California out of Portland.”

Portland has seen an increasing population for years as one of the top destinations for out-of-state movers. The influx of people is seen as the prime contributing factor of increased rental prices and home prices in the Portland area.

Page said he feels that the act was likely out of frustration with Portland's housing market.

"So much industry has come in here and, I'm sure, pushed some locals out. That can be rough ... you see housing prices double, or triple in the past five to ten years," Page said.

"I don't think it's directed at Californians, just noticeably because a lot of them coming up here. But I'm sure it's all the transplants add in the frustration," he continued.

The homeowners are working with police to identify whoever was behind the graffiti, but Page has an idea of who it may have been.

Saturday Page was backing out of his driveway when he says another driver was speeding down his street. He confronted the driver but Page says the driver eventually drove off telling him to go back to California. He suspects that same man came back to vandalize his home overnight.

The couple moved to Portland for Page's job and renovated the inside and outside of their home. The exterior paint was only two-weeks old before it was vandalized.

Page feels threatened by the graffiti, but says "at the end of the day, you can't get upset at every mad person int he world, that's why we pay for insurance and stuff like that."

By Sunday afternoon Page repainted the outside of his home and purchased two flood lights and surveillance cameras to install outside his house.

"Other than this little instance, the city is great, the community is great," said Page. "It's just unfortunate when you have people who are frustrated that this is how they express themselves."

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