Calm before the storm: Pineapple express heading toward NW Oregon and SW Washington

Drivers drive through high water in Portland, Ore., Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015, as the Pacific Northwest was soaked by another night of heavy rain. (AP Photo/Steve Dipaola)

PORTLAND, Ore. - Friday was just a taste of what's to come with the next series of storm systems on the way into our region.

Saturday will essentially be a break before the first storm in the next series moves in.

Once again, high pressure is centered east of the Cascades that will give us a bit of an east wind into the afternoon and evening hours on Saturday. It will be especially evident at the west end of the Gorge, and on the east sides of Portland and Vancouver that feel the influence of that wind. Expect some strong gusts late Friday, into the night as the next front approaches from the West.

This first in a series of at least three storm systems will bring wind to the coast first late Friday. Expect high surf conditions as well. Do not turn your back on the ocean. Sneaker waves are possible in conditions like this. Rain arrives overnight and becomes more widespread through Sunday. Wind will affect the Valley, too, on Sunday.

Expect this system to move through and turn to showers by Monday morning, but the next in line is already close to arrival and is set for Monday afternoon through Tuesday. Some of the heaviest rain may come from this second in the series as it also has tropical origins and will fire directly into the region.

There are concerns about local flooding as we head into Tuesday because estimated rainfall totals look to be over 2.5 inches by Tuesday morning.

Right now, models have the third in the series arriving on Thursday. That could fluctuate a bit as far as timing goes, but all told by the end of the week, the region could total 3 to 5 inches of rain depending on your location.

Please remember that if you see a flooded roadway, do not go through it. Depth is hard to judge. Turn around, don't drown.

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