'Cannabus' looks to cash-in on pot tourism

Inside the "Cannabus." (KATU Photo)

Portland has well over 100 marijuana dispensaries; it's a saturated market. Ryan McFallow decided to try his hand at cannabis tourism. Soon he'll be rolling out "The Cannabus."

"We didn't want to have that stoner mentality to it. We want people to come on and have that hands on kind of learning experience," McFallow said.

McFallow is with Bridgetown Weed Tours, a company that aims to have three tours per day every weekend.

"Get out on the town, go see an event, go see a concert and have a tour guide," McFallow said. "Stop at a couple places and partake in cannabis if you'd like."

He bought the former party bus from a night club in Vancouver. People can smoke in the bus as it goes from stop to stop.

Bridgetown Weed Tours has teamed with growers, extract companies, and dispensaries to give tours.

"The experience of freedom of going into somewhere and not having to worry about anything," said Zach Gale, manager at Green Sky Collective on North Interstate Avenue. "I think tourism is going to be a big thing for a long time."

In its projections for sales, the state of Oregon didn't bank on any money coming in from tourism. State economists anticipated tourist would continue to go to Colorado given its proximity to East Coast states where marijuana is illegal.

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