Car2go expects rental demand to spike over solar eclipse weekend

FILE - Car2go

PORTLAND, Ore. – The rental company car2go is preparing for a lot of people to use their vehicles to travel for the upcoming eclipse.

The company’s Portland specialist said there are more than 450 vehicles in Portland with more than 51,000 members.

They expect increased demand at the airport, so they’re relocating some cars to PDX.

Car2go advises grabbing one of their cars as soon as possible.

“My best advice would be to rent early. There is no reservation other than a 30-minute window prior to receiving the car. So, what we’re telling people is to possibly rent on Saturday so you could have it for three days so you can cover the entire eclipse experience,” said Josh Capps, car2go Portland specialist.

The cars cost $35 cents per minute of $59 per day.

Car2go’s Mercedes will cost 45 cents a minute or $79 a day.

The vehicles can travel up to 200 miles.

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