Caught on camera: Man swipes bike from front of TriMet bus

bike thief.png

Surveillance video from a TriMet bus shows a man swiping someone's bike from a bus rack right in front of the driver and several people.

Moments later, the apparent owner of the bike hurries off the bus to catch the suspected thief but was unsuccessful.

Alex Boyce heard the bus driver yell to the passengers.

"The bus driver, you know to the bus, 'Hey, your bike's being stolen,'" Boyce told KATU News, "and then she quickly says, 'Hey, your bike's been stolen.'"

"The mood on the bus quickly dropped and everyone was pretty frustrated and like astonished that just happened," said Boyce.

TriMet officials say this type of theft is rare, but a good warning for cyclists to keep an eye on their bikes.

"Also exit the front door, let the operator know that you're about to step in front and get your bike," said TriMet Active Transportation Planner Jeff Owen. " And that's true of MAX as well. We encourage people to stay close to their bike -- keep an eye on it."

Not being toward the front of the bus was one problem for the apparent victim in the video. The footage shows people on the crowded bus reacting as the driver is warning that a bike is being taken, but the victim has to make his way through the crowd to get out of the bus. By that point, it was too late.

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