Celebrating Oregon Wine Month in West Linn

Wineries in West Linn- KATU photo from Wesleigh Ogle

We are right in the middle of Oregon Wine Month, and with about 700 wineries located across Oregon, where do you begin?

Just 20 minutes from downtown Portland, there's a wine tasting destination you may have never heard of - Pete's Mountain in West Linn boasts four vineyards and wineries.

It's even home to some of the oldest grape vines in Oregon. You can find those at Campbell Lane Winery.

"It's just a beautiful mountain to grow grapes on and the grapes produce beautiful wines," Pete's Mountain Vineyard & Winery co-owner, Mike Thayer, said. "Our terroir here is outstanding. We have 600 feet elevation here, the Nekia soil, south-facing slopes create the ripening that we need to get the fruit to where it needs to be to make beautiful wines."


Pete's Mountain

28101 SW Petes Mountain Road

West Linn, OR 97068

Campbell Lane

27411 SW Campbell Lane

West Linn, OR 97068


375 SW Barrel House Way

West Linn, OR 97068


21775 SW Ribera Lane

West Linn, OR 97068

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