CEO of Powell's Books will retire in January 2019

Bruce Springsteen made a stop at Powell’s City of Books on Tuesday, Oct. 4 to visit with fans during a tour of his new biography, “Born to Run.” About 1,000 lucky Portlanders got to shake hands with “The Boss” while picking up a signed copy of the book. (Photo by Tristan Fortsch)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Miriam Sontz, the CEO and 34-year employee of Powell’s Books, announced Tuesday she will retire in January 2019.

Emily Powell, president and owner, and John Kingsbury, chief operating officer, will lead the book store company after Sontz leaves.

“I want to thank Miriam for her vision and leadership. Her particular impact on Powell’s trajectory may be invisible to many, especially outside of our walls, and yet we would not be Powell’s without her. She leaves us in a strong position for continued success,” Powell said in a release.

Sontz became CEO of Powell’s Books in April 2013. She was fully-responsible for the company’s daily operations and business strategy. Sontz served many management roles within the company before she was promoted to CEO.

In a release, Powell’s Books says Sontz “steered the company toward a stronger focus on customer service, product selection, and innovation.”

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