Christmas Eve shoppers brave the last-minute rush


With just hours left before stores closed for Christmas many shoppers headed out in hopes of getting their hands on some last-minute gifts.

While it's not the most ideal way to spend your Christmas Eve, many shoppers said time seems to just fly by, leaving them with no other options.

"We've had a lot of family stuff going on; I work two jobs so I have limited time," said Jessica Bailey after finishing up shopping.

Many shoppers have had experience in last-minute shopping and say they came prepared for crowds.

"I expected it. I was very patient. Traffic was really bad and so was parking," Cynthia Nwoe-Uru said.

Even though traffic and parking lots seemed bad, many shoppers said once they got inside the stores they were presently surprised with what they saw.

"It's actually pretty quiet. There weren't a lot of people. I think people probably did it earlier than I did," Bailey said.

Grocery stores, however, seemed to be a different story.

"Everyone is just really focused trying to get what they want and get out of here. We ran into a bunch of people. No one is paying attention to anyone around them. They are just going for the food and trying to get home," Justin Lucia said.

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