City Council hearing will reveal plans for three new SE Portland parks

Plan shows features of a new, proposed park in Southeast Portland. Photo courtesy Portland Parks and Recreation

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland City Council will venture to David Douglas High School in Southeast Portland Wednesday night to discuss plans for three new parks with the public.

Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong, community engagement program manager for Portland Parks and Recreation, said, “The message is really to City Council to tell them the importance of the parks to the community, and for them to see firsthand the amount of energy and enthusiasm the community brings to building these parks.”

P.P.&R. has been working with the community on the master plans for three new parks in Southeast Portland for the past several years.

The largest would be 7.5 acres, at SE 150th and Division. It's already host to a community garden, but the final master plan will include features like a splash pad, skate park and centrally located soccer field. The other two are Mill Park and Midland Park. They're close to one another, but are still much-needed spaces in the community Kennedy-Wong said.

“We’re also providing safe recreational opportunities. We’re providing health benefits. We’re providing green space that just makes people feel better and helps them relax. It helps them enjoy their community," she said.

The public is also invited to the hearing.

When: Wednesday, November 8

Where: David Douglas High School, South Cafeteria, 1500 SE 130th Avenue, Portland 97233

Who: Everyone is welcome!

Community Reception at 5:00 p.m.

Hearing: 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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