City worker impostor destroys beloved SW Portland park decorations

'Fairy door' at Maricara Park in SW Portland (KATU photo).

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Maricara Natural Area is a hidden Southwest Portland gem just a few doors down from neighbor Jodi Cullen's home.

"It's weird to say as an adult but these woods are magical. There is something in these woods. It's so quiet, calming, peaceful. Then you have the special fairies that are flying around and this wonderful story that is happening here," Cullen said of why she loves the park so much.

At first she just loved the trails, then she started noticing the magical decorations. She says the hand-crafted fairy doors and windows, which have been nailed to several trees, bring out the best in her community.

"It's not uncommon for you to say to each other, 'hey did you see any fairies? Were they home? No, they weren't home so we left a trinket.' It's just a lot of fun to be a part of something like that," said Cullen.

Cullen says the decorations were intact on Saturday, but destroyed when she checked them again on Monday. She saw a sign appearing to be from the city, and was irate with Portland Parks & Recreation for taking the doors down. But Portland Parks & Rec spokesperson Mark Ross says the city isn't to blame.

"It's impersonating your government is what it's doing," Ross said of the fraudulent flier.

Ross says the decorations do technically violate city code, but they had no plans to take them down because they didn't seem to be hurting anyone. If anything, they were boosting turnout to the park.

"Woods have all kinds of magic. Our parks have magic in the nature and we want kids to connect to that," Ross said.

Cullen says it's even more upsetting to think it was one of her neighbors, not some faceless city worker, who took the doors down. She's hoping the community will rally together to repair the damage.

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