Clackamas group offers intensive course on medical marijuana growth

CLACKAMAS, Ore. -- Oregonians with green thumbs have a chance to take that to another extreme.

Measure 91 legalized marijuana and allows residents to have up to four marijuana plants come July.

Jenifer Valley said she struggled at first to keep her plants alive, killing 21 plants in an attempt to treat her cancer.

"I was like okay, I'm going to do this," Valley said. "And I tried to do it and it was terrible at it. I decided that I needed to find someone who knew what they were doing."

She went to bars and taverns, asking for advice and that's where she met Mike Mullins.

The two have teamed up to sell seeds to medical marijuana growers, and have their eyes set on a new market when Oregonians can legally grow their own.

"We look forward to a 90 percent increase in business," Mullins said.

Classes at Mullins and Valley's "Portlandsterdam University" require a 16-hour session split between Saturday and Sunday, offered every other weekend. A full weekend of classes will run you $250, while individual classes are $25 each.

"There's certainly a learning curve involved to a degree," Mullins said. "It's not as easy as you might think. It's not just growing weed."

The intensive class may not be appealing to recreation users, Mullins warned. She anticipates a quicker in-and-out class for people who only need the basics come July.

"If you have a green thumb, you can grow cannabis," Mullins said. "If you have a brown thumb, come to class. And we'll make it green."

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