Clearing clutter for 2018: 'This is definitely manageable'

KATU photo

Many people are looking for a fresh start in 2018, which often involves clutter from your life and home.

We met with professional organizer Smita Masters at a KATU employee's home.

She used the home as an example of how to de-clutter your spaces and life in the coming year.

The key, she says, is to not get overwhelmed and remember that the clutter is manageable.

"I understand … these are your belongings and private things so you feel very attached to them. But for somebody who gets to be once removed from the attachment of items, I can tell you, this is definitely manageable," said Masters.

She also says people dealing with clutter need to go easy on themselves. Instead of hoping to clean an entire garage in a weekend - set realistic goals for steady, sustainable progress.

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