Closing arguments begin in sexual assault trial for two Portland civic leaders

Aubré Dickson and Charles McGee.

A high-profile sexual assault trial against two Portland civic leaders is near its end as closing arguments began Wednesday.

Aubré Dickson and Charles McGee are both charged with sexual abuse and sodomy. Dickson is the former chair of Oregon's Housing Stability Council. McGee is the former CEO of Black Parent Initiative. Their accuser, Erica Naito-Campbell, is the granddaughter of well-known Portland developer, Bill Naito.

Naito alleges both men sexually assaulted her in May 2012. The men were indicted in May 2018.

"My body went into survival mode, and I just didn't want them to hurt me," Naito-Campbell said during the trial. "So, I was afraid that if I fought back, they would hurt me. He was so much bigger than me; they were both so much bigger than me."

KATU doesn't normally identify victims of alleged sexual assault, but Naito-Campbell came forward to speak to the media about the case.

The defense tried to poke holes in Naito-Campbell's story, saying her account of what happened was different than other accounts heard during the trial.

"This proof required by the state is wholly lacking. The state chose to ignore things to come out in this trial because they simply took her word for it," said Christine Mascal, a defense attorney.

Prosecutors finished their closing arguments Wednesday morning. Defense attorneys will continue their closing arguments on Thursday morning, followed by a rebuttal.

This is a bench trial, meaning the judge will determine the outcome.

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