Coast Guard wraps up Astoria oil spill cleanup, leaves booms to catch residual oil

Cleanup of Astoria oil spill winding down - US Coast Guard image - 1.jpg

ASTORIA, Ore. – Coast Guard crews are winding down efforts to clean up an oil spill in the Columbia River near Astoria, but they will leave containment booms in the water to catch any residual oil.

The oil sheen first appeared on January 18 near the Cannery Pier Hotel. They found that the oil was coming from a 16-by-6-foot oil tank that was underneath the dilapidated pier.

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Crews removed the tank later that month and found it contained more than 2,200 gallons of bunker oil. The sheen disappeared after they removed the tank.

The Coast Guard worked with contractors to contain and clear the oil. Through the cleanup they removed 20 cubic yards of oiled debris, 3,400 feet of contaminated boom, 6,150 gallons of oil/water mix.

Some of the pier pilings and seawall rocks still have oil on them, which will naturally dissipate over the next few months. The Coast Guard plans on leaving containment and absorbent booms in the area to keep that oil from spreading.

The cleanup efforts cost more than $900,000. The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund will be covering the bill, officials said.

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