Columbia Sportswear CEO asks White House, congressional leaders to reopen national parks

Tim Boyle statement 2.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – Columbia Sportswear Company CEO Tim Boyle issued a statement Friday morning encouraging the government to reopen.

In a play on President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America great again,” Boyle posted a graphic that reads, “Make America’s parks open again.”

The statement refers to the U.S. national parks sites that remain closed during the partial government shutdown.

Boyle says he paid $80,000 for the statement to appear in a full-page advertisement in the Washington Post.

According to the National Parks Conservation Association, about a third of U.S. national park sites are completely closed.

Gates at other sites remain open, but most staff are furloughed for as long as the shutdown continues.

In his statement, Boyle said, “Walls shouldn’t block access to parks, and federal workers shouldn’t be left out in the cold. Work together to open our parks.”

Friday marks the 21st day of the partial government shutdown.

Without federal employees on the job, many national parks have seen trash cans overflowing and have left restrooms open without anyone to clean them.

Find out if Boyle things people really want to hear his message, including politicians:

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