Community reacts to 2 officers shot, wounded in Bremerton 'firefight'

Community reacts to 2 officers shot in Bremerton 'firefight'(KOMO News)

BREMERTON, Wash. -- People around Bremerton say they're grateful for the efforts of two Bremerton police officers who were wounded early Sunday morning in what the police chief described as a firefight.

A shooter emerged from an SUV with pistols in each hand early Sunday, shooting at the officers, the police chief said. The suspected shooter was later killed.

The two police officers shot were rushed to Harrison Hospital. Both are expected to recover and one has since been released from the hospital.

Inside the Fraiche Cup coffee shop Sunday afternoon in Bremerton, word has gotten around about the two officers shot.

"My thoughts and prayers are out to the officers who were involved," Bremerton resident James Etter said.

Etter and his wife Amy Brennan just moved to Bremerton from Oregon. They were shocked to hear about the shootout between the suspect and the officers.

"I have a great deal of admiration for men and women who keep our community safe," Brennan said. "I appreciate them. They have a hard job."

At Harrison Hospital, police officers and Sheriff's deputies stopped by throughout the day to show their support.

The police chief said one officer was shot twice in the stomach right below his bulletproof vest.

He is a veteran with 42 years of experience. That includes 25 years with the department . He is also a grandfather.

The other officer shot had minor injuries. He was grazed by a bullet in his hip area and was released from the hospital Sunday morning.

According to the police chief, that officer's first question was, "When can I come back to work?" That officer has five years worth of experince including one year with Bremerton PD.

At the Bremerton Police Department, all was quiet.

A man and his son stopped by to drop off a card wishing the officers a speedy recovery. It's a sentiment so many in the community share.

"Thank God they survived," Michelle Linear said. "We'll pray for a speedy recovery for them."

The officer who is recovering from surgery will be in the hospital for a few more days, according to the police chief.

The names of the officers shot have not been formally released yet.

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