Construction nearing halfway point on Vancouver Waterfront development

The Waterfront Block 6 - Image courtesy Gramor Development

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Crews are making headway on the new waterfront tower and pier in Vancouver, and the development company offered an aerial view of the work that’s been done so far.

Construction on the Vancouver Waterfront Block 6 towers started back in 2015. It is about 40 percent complete, officials said Tuesday.

The development is located along the Columbia waterfront just downriver from the Interstate 5 bridge. It will have a cable-stay pier walkway, along with nearby parks, fountains, biking trails, and other spaces.

The buildings will house offices, apartments, and retail spaces.

Developers say they're excited to give people in Vancouver access to the river, and a unique space that Portland doesn't necessarily have.

“It's not that people in clark county don't want to have urban living, they do, it just hasn't been possible because of the paper plant and the stink and all that and it's been covering up the fact that they've got the greatest downtown,” said Barry Cain, the president of Gramor Development.

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