Cougar sighting in SE Portland neighborhood, people asked to keep small pets, food indoors

Cougar at the Oregon Zoo (KATU Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – A cougar was seen in Southeast Portland, and neighbors are being asked to keep an eye out.

Someone called 911 late Monday night saying they saw a cougar rolling around in a backyard near SE 118th Avenue and Division Street.

Officers responded, but were unable to find it.

“I think it's kind of scary,” said Karen Misfeldt, who lives nearby. “I walk my dog like every other day and we're usually walking up and down this street."

This is the same area a cougar was spotted a couple of years ago.

“My girlfriend's a Washington State Coug, so I'm sure she's a little stoked about it. But, you know, obviously I guess I'll be watching my back today," said Josh Hoch, who also lives in the area.

Just to be safe authorities recommend keeping small pets indoors, and ask that people don't leave pet food outside.

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