Could the West Coast abandon time changes for good? California takes first step

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Californians made a decision on election day that could impact the rest of the west coast, and it may cause Oregonians to lose, or gain, sleep.

Voters in the country's most populated state approved Proposition 7, which would allow the state to abandon the time change every Spring and Fall.

California could join Arizona, Hawaii, and a few other U.S. territories that don't use Daylight Savings Time.

Lawmakers in Oregon are also considering something similar. In 2015, State Senator Kim Thatcher introduced SB-99 which would abolish Daylight Savings Time. Thatcher has said she will continue to work on this in preparation for the 2019 legislative session.

"I have been in contact with legislators in California and Washington to work on this issue. Legislators from both sides of the aisle in those states have introduced legislation similar to mine. The impact of this legislation necessitates a need to reach across state lines and coordinate a plan. My office is also reaching out to Montana, Idaho , Nevada , Wyoming , Colorado , New Mexico , and Utah legislators. In each one of those sates, legislators have proposed legislation to end the time transition," Thatcher said in a press release from March.

KATU News could not reach her office for comment Wednesday.

In what might be a first, Portland residents seem to agree with California. Every person KATU News spoke to said they would rather not have a time change.

"I work with people in India, so I have to wake up earlier now because they don't have Daylight Savings Time. So what used to be 8:30 meetings, are now 7:30 meetings," said Eric Gropp.

"I have young kids. It throws off their schedule. That's always a challenge. The shift in the light throws everyone off," said David Slick.

We asked what you think on Facebook, here's what people had to say:

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