Couple's travel trailer stolen just before big trip to central Oregon

The Spragues had their travel trailer, like this one, stolen from the front of their home.

A Southeast Portland couple is dealing with a devastating loss.

Thieves swiped their travel trailer this week from the front of their home.

Diana Sprague and her husband had the trailer all packed up and ready for a trip to central Oregon.

They left their home on Southeast 158th to get gas, and when they came back, the trailer was gone.

“I don’t even know if the word ‘shock’ has anything to do with it,” said Sprague. “I just felt stripped, like I work so hard. My husband and I work hard for this, and somebody just comes along and just swoops it right up.”

The trailer had Sprague’s laptop and iPod inside.

Here’s some advice for trailer owners:

  • Invest in locks, alarms and tracking devices.
  • Insure it.
  • Take plenty of photos to help police find it.
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