Chilling court docs detail Vancouver kidnapping and assault

Paul Woodman appears in court on April 23, 2018 - KATU photo

A man is charged with assault and kidnapping after a terrifying ordeal involving a couple in Vancouver.

On April 1 around 11:30 p.m., Vancouver Police responded to the area near a pot shop at 6018 on Northeast St. Johns Boulevard for a reported kidnapping.

The caller told 911 operators that two men had approached her car, pointed a gun at her, and kidnapped her fiance. The woman said she was instructed by the men not to call the police or they would shoot her and her dog.

Police say the woman and her fiance were sleeping in their vehicle parked outside the pot shot, when a person she recognized as "John" approached their car. Moments later, police say another man opened the passenger door and displayed a handgun.

"John" then took the woman's fiance out of the driver's seat and walked him to the pickup truck of the man with the gun, identified as Paul Woodman, according to police.

Police say Woodman put a gun to the man's chest, forced him to lie down in the bed of the truck, and drove to an area behind a large barn on 119th Street in Vancouver.

The man told police that he was forced to exit the truck and "get onto his knees," and that Woodman forced a handgun into his mouth.

The man told officers he was scared for his life, according to court documents.

A loud explosion then went off over the man's right ear, and he thought he had been shot. Woodman then told him to leave the area, and the man ran back to find his fiance and car.

Police say they reviewed surveillance footage from the marijuana shop, which showed men dressed in black possibly brandishing a gun at the victims.

Both "John", later identified as John Maxwell, and Paul Woodman are convicted felons prohibited from possessing firearms, according to court docs. A search of Woodman's criminal history revealed previous felony convictions and pleas in California that included attempted murder.

Maxwell was arrested on April 12, and Woodman was arrested on Saturday, April 21.

Woodman is facing charges of kidnapping while armed with a gun, assault while armed with a gun, harassment while armed with a gun, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

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